On the occasion of the BUGA 2021 in Erfurt, we have developed in 2015/2016, a concept for a 1-hour boat trip on the Bergstrom (a natural side branch of the river Gera), unto behind the "Krämerbrücke".

We are therefore particularly pleased to inform you that, the "Freunde der Bundesgartenschau Erfurt 2021 e.V." </ B> have selected this concept as their project and would like to implement the project. This will create a sustainable project for visitors and also the citizens of Erfurt. Through an environmentally friendly and minimally invasive basic concept, risks and high costs, combined with high utility value, are avoided. An already conducted feasibility study proves the feasibility and specifies the necessary steps. So there are still some preparations to make, but we look forward to seeing you again on the Bergstrom and the Gera in Erfurt. ; -)

For suggestions, support and sponsoring on the occasion of the BUGA, please contact the "Buga Freunde " association, or simply write a Email to j.kleb@kraemerbruecke.de

Here you get a short Video Impression of the first trips by boat: (zum Video) </ b>